Travel That Gives Back

Every booking helps to protect and restore our planet, so you can feel even better about going on holiday...

From protecting seagrasses in Portugal to supporting termites in West Africa, you can discover all our exciting 'Carbon Hero' projects below. 

Our Carbon Hero projects are 30 times more effective than most tree planting!

Although tree-planting is a good thing, it’s important to recognise that it's not the whole picture and when done incorrectly it can have adverse effects. 

Bigger and smarter action is needed in this defining moment of a climate crisis and ecological breakdown. That’s why we’ve taken an innovative approach with our environmental partner Mossy Earth. 

With Your Help, We Can...

  • Help restore native, wild forests. With planting areas mapped & stored in a GIS system
  • Protect seagrass meadows which can store carbon at a rate 30 times that of forests
  • Give wildlife a helping hand and future protect ecosystems against climate change
Travel that gives back.

The difference your booking makes...

The breakdown of our climate is increasingly recognised as an urgent threat, to both nature and human society. From planting native trees to protecting seagrasses and even recreating natural ponds in the UK, we are working hard to do our bit. 

When you book a holiday with me, a contribution per passenger is put towards our ‘Carbon hero’ projects. 100% of your contribution goes here. 

Climate Hero: Seagrasses  

Location: Portugal 
The Project: Protecting and Restoring Seagrasses 
Why: Seagrasses can take and lock up carbon at a rate that is approximately 30x that of forests. They also improve water quality and provide crucial nursing grounds for fish and benefit dolphins, as well as seahorses!

Seagrasses Not Just Travel Carbon Hero

Climate Hero: Termites 

Location: West Africa 
The Project:  Conserving and reintroducing termite mounds
Why: We do not all experience the devastating effects of climate change equally. Africa will be hardest hit by climate change, yet has contributed the least. Severe droughts are becoming more common and termites are the heroes here. Despite their size they play a critical role in holding back desertification. 

Termites Carbon Hero Not Just Travel

Climate Hero: Ponds

Location: UK
The Project: Restore small natural ponds across the UK
Why: Most ponds have been lost in the UK due to urbanisation and agriculture. Studies suggest that ponds are effective at taking carbon from the atmosphere and storing it into the soil. They also provide critical drinking water for wildlife and can even help to prevent floods.

Restoring ponds Not Just Travel Carbon Hero

Climate Hero: Native Trees

Location: Scotland 
The Project: To restore the Caledonian forest in the Scottish Highlands.
Why: Historically, much of the Scottish Highlands were covered in a forest of majestic Scots pine and colourful broadleaf trees, home to a diversity of plants and animals. Today, the landscape is largely devoid of these woodlands and many of the species lost.

Native Tree planting Not Just Travel and Mossy Earth

Climate Hero: Sea Otters 

Location: California 
The Project: Sea otters keep underwater forests healthy.
Why: Sea otters are a keystone species, whose position in the food chain is crucial. By preying on sea urchins, who graze on kelp, they ensure the health of kelp forests and protect the many other species that thrive there. Along the Californian coast, marine recreation is growing and this is having significant behavioural and physiological negative consequences for the Southern Sea otter population. The team will be conducting research to better understand how tourism is negatively impacting sea otters. 

Sea otters a keystone species Not just travel

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